A Glimpse Within Our Blue Walls

A Glimpse Within Our Blue Walls
Posted on 02/17/2019
KES Club

The Stories that Bind Us

Foundational to Kling’s instructional philosophy is involving students in every aspect of their school day; creating authentic opportunities for students to engage in and freedom to share their original ideas with faculty and peers.

When students feel ownership in their school community, they feel valued and connected.  Educators know that being involved encourages and advances development on all levels: academic, cultural, and social.

As students work together, they create “school family stories” that allow them to feel a sense of control as they face new challenges.  Research has shown that the more children know about their “family,” the stronger their self-esteem (Duke).

This is our first installment of the KES Club (Kling Engaging Students).  We hope you enjoy.  J

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