Focus on the Blue

Focus on the Blue
Posted on 10/12/2018
Meet IsaiahMeet second-grader Isaiah- Kling's little "True Blue"!

An old soul--that is how many describe Isaiah Gilbert. The thing is he is only in second grade. 

“I’m in to old stuff like old music, cars, and typewriters," Isaiah said. "I'm really into World War II with the guns and stuff like that."

Speaking of music, this Isaiah plays the guitar. His go-to song--Sweet Home Alabama. His next favorite song is one that he and his brother wrote together. While Isaiah is a true musician, he loves football. 

"I like football so much ‘cause you get some time to get outside and have a game and tackle people," Isaiah said. 

He's the quarterback and this year his team became champions. However, Isaiah knows sports aren’t the reason Kling Elementary Principal, Lisa Clark, nominated him as this week's "Focus on the Blue" feature. It's more than just athletics. 

"The reason why I am a “True Blue” is because we're champions," Isaiah said. "That's what being a true blue means. It also means being good in the class and learning what you're supposed to be learning." 

"Being a true blue means you have school spirit, but to not just promote it in sports," Mrs. Clark said. You take your own talents, mold those and shape them and put the Blue stamp on them. The thing I like most about Isaiah is his personality. He's happy, he likes for other people to be happy and he goes out of his way to help people smile."

"It's being proud of where you're from and what you do," Isaiah's second-grade teacher, Miss Jodi Clark said. "Isaiah fits those qualities. He helps his classmates. He's very helpful with me. He's very prideful with his own confidence in himself."

Being a True Blue--it's much more than athletics. It's about showing people how proud you are to be a part of the Blue family with all your talents and actions.