Focus on the Blue

Meet the Teacher
Posted on 04/09/2019
Meet Ms. Hannah Richardson

How long have you been an educator?

This is my first year teaching.

What is your favorite story from your classroom or with students?

I had one student’s mom tell me that he thought I was nice to him when he brought me food, so he brought me cookies for 3 straight days and then apologized that he ran out of cookies to bring me.

What is your favorite book to read in the classroom with students?

All of the Dr. Seuss books are fun to read because the kids get really into the story, and they think it’s funny when you get tongue-tied and mess up.

What do you consider the most important issues in education today?

With the ever changing curriculum, most of what we are teaching used to be part of the first grade curriculum years ago; we are putting more and more responsibilities on the students, and they have less time to be kids.

What important issues do you see in today’s educational system?

I think one of the most important issues is that we are teaching the students how to pass tests, not how to be independent thinkers and learners.

What does it mean to be a Blue?

Being a Blue is all about community; everyone supports everyone. I am not originally from Buena Vista, but as soon as I started this job, I felt like I had been here my entire life.

Did you graduate from BVCPS?

No, I graduated from LCA (Liberty Christian Academy).

     What degree(s) do you have and which college(s) did you attend?

I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from LU (Liberty University).

What is your family like?

I am an only child, and I am very close with many of my cousins. Many of my cousins are like siblings to me.

What are the main goals for your classroom this year?

I truly want to create a love of learning and reading in all my students; I learned to love reading at a young age, and I am still very passionate about many book series. If students love learning and reading, they will never stop learning or going on adventures in the stories they read.

What is something new and different you want to try with your students this year?

I would love to set a pen pal program so that the students could interact with and learn from other students that are not in our classroom.

What do you want parents to know?

One main thing that I would like parents to know is how much work goes into this job, without a great monetary benefit. It is commonly known that teachers are one of the lowest paid professionals in the nation; I did not get into this job for the money. I chose this profession when I was in kindergarten myself because I love to work with kids, I want to see them succeed even if it means more work for me than a normal job would entail. I am at the school until 5 or later most nights, making sure I have everything ready for the next day, a few days ahead, or even the next week. I am forever ordering books or other items for the classroom on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis so I have the proper tools to teach my students.

I got into this job for the kids, for the love I was shown as a student and that I want to show my students, and for the many, many group hugs and “I love you”s I receive every day.