Curriculum Description

Instructional Programs

Kling Elementary School teaches students at their appropriate developmental level with the goal being reaching and surpassing grade level expectations.  We have special education programs, intervention programs, 504 plans, and IEP plans available for students who need extra assistance in reaching the goals.   We offer STEM and coding to all students.  Our classrooms are equipped with the most recent educational technology available including chrome books and iPads.

Finally, at Kling we are 100% invested in your child as a student and as a little person who learning their way in this world.  We will foster education, values, and appropriate social interactions every step of the way. 

We are here to serve as a resource for you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime if you have questions or concerns.

Program Descriptions


Reading is taught in a developmental fashion at F.W. Kling Elementary School.  We believe that reading is the core of all learning and strive to promote a love of reading among our students.  All students are taught at their developmentally appropriate readiness level using a variety of texts, trade books, and “real life” reading materials.  We use a Leveled Literacy Intervention approach for more strategic and intensive instruction.

Writer’s Workshop

Each student receives a special 40 minute daily block of writing instruction.  In addition, English, Writing (creative and prompted), and Handwriting are all skills that are interwoven into the curriculum.  Often they are taught as single units, but mostly they are taught within the context of reading and other content areas.  Our goal is to have students leave KES being able to write stories (expository and narrative) that clearly communicate using correct English (grammar), and to be able to write neatly. 


We teach spelling developmentally at KES.  Students are assessed to determine their phonetic readiness level and instructed from there.  They move through the spelling levels as they reach proficiency at each level. We use the researched based Words Their Way program.


Mathematics is taught at KES using a variety of learning strategies and materials.  We use and teach the Virginia Standards of Learning as the baseline curriculum, expanding in most areas to provide enriching, hands-on opportunities for students to explore and learn math.  Remedial opportunities and enrichment opportunities are also available for students who need additional help and/or additional challenge. We incorporate technology into daily mathematics instruction.  We have a school wide “problem of the day.”  The vocabulary of mathematics is used in our daily conversations to help it become part of their spoken language.  We also have a Family Math Night each fall where families are served dinner and learn math games to play with their students.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program at KES is comprised of psychomotor, movement, and specific skill instruction.  Adaptive physical education is also a vital part of the program for students with special needs. 

Reading Specialist

Our Reading Specialist works with administration and teachers to help develop the appropriate intervention model for students who are below grade level in reading.  She works directly with the students during intervention blocks to close gaps in literacy and accelerate learning. The reading specialist completes assessments and reports as well as assists the division Title I coordinator in fulfilling division wide responsibilities.


The art program continues to be a vital part of the KES curriculum.  It is based on the Virginia Standards for Art and provides a very necessary opportunity for individual expression and creative development.  This learning is achieved by coordinating various guidelines for a student’s age level needs with appropriate art related activities. 


Music education adds to the well-rounded education the students receive at KES.  Music education requires students to demonstrate consistent personal discipline while working to express beauty and emotion through performance.  Music activities integrate classroom units and the Virginia Standards of Learning for Music (2000). 


Science education is taught in grades K-2 in an investigative hands-on manner.  We use and teach the Virginia Standards of Learning as the baseline curriculum, expanding in most areas to provide enriching, hands-on opportunities for students to explore and learn science.  There is a strong focus on labs, safety, and investigation.  We also have a strong focus on conservation, promoting “green” habits, and the importance of gardening through utilization of our school garden.

History and Social Science

The History and Social Science program is a comprehensive program that embraces local, state, national, and world history.  Students begin at a very early age to understand the importance of history and how it impacts our lives today.  A variety of materials and strategies are used to promote learning of history such as books, movies, field trips, and class projects.


Each class receives 40 minutes of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math project based learning on a weekly basis.  This is an exploratory class and the students have shown great gains in academic vocabulary based on the core content of instruction.

Classroom Guidance

The purpose of the KES guidance program is to help all students succeed academically and to encourage students to become good citizens demonstrating excellent traits of character.  Classroom guidance sessions include lessons on character education, conflict management skills, positive work/study habits, effective communication skills and bullying prevention.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to students at the request of parents, teachers or students. When a series of individual counseling sessions is deemed appropriate, parents are always informed and permission is requested.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is available to all students and may be requested by parents, teachers or students. Written parental permission must be obtained prior to group participation. Group topics may include:

  • Anger management: Students will learn constructive ways to cope with anger.
  • Changing Families: Students will learn effective ways of coping with separation, divorce or remarriage in their families.
  • Getting Along: Students will learn social skills to enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Loss/Grief: Students will explore feelings regarding personal losses.

Special Education

The Special Education program in Buena Vista City Schools is a federally funded program that focuses on students who have identified disabilities in academic, social & emotional, or physical areas.  Students in this program receive special services which enable them to function in the regular classroom to the greatest extent possible.  Juli Gibson is our Director of Special Education and can be reached at 540-261-2129.


The media specialist serves as an instructional facilitator for the school.  The four program elements of the school library are:  collaboration, reading literacy, information literacy, and enhancing learning through technology.  Students are encouraged to pursue individual interests while learning the value of information as well as how to locate, evaluate and use it.  The library provides a place to learn to become a capable and avid reader, a place to learn how to communicate in print or multimedia formats, and a place to enjoy reading and learning. 


All schools in Virginia are required by the Standards of Quality and the Standards of Accreditation to have a remedial education plan to serve those students who do not pass the Virginia Standards of Learning, those who are below grade level, and those who may be considered “at risk”.  We offer ongoing remediation opportunities throughout the school year, in our regular daily schedule, and during summer school.